The ProTaper Story - Part 2 ProTaper’s 20+ Year Journey as Told by the Creators, the 3 Amigos

Ruddle reflects on the great past experiences he has had hiking with family and his future plans for hiking this summer. Next, in Part 1 of The ProTaper Story, Ruddle gives us an insider’s glimpse into how ProTaper got started and its 20+ year journey. Then co-creators Dr. West and Prof. Machtou join for a Zoom interview in Part 2 and give their unique insight. This segment is followed by a Just-in-Time® segment on how to shape a canal with ProTaper. Enjoy the ‘story’!

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Ruddle “ProTaper” Technique Card

Ruddle “ProTaper” Technique Card

Ruddle Article
“Shaping Complex Canals”
Nov 2014

Many times over several decades I have described various concepts, strategies, and techniques for shaping root canals. Although the concepts and strategies have essentially remained the same, the techniques have evolved...

Ruddle/Machtou/West Article
“Endodontic Canal Preparation”
Jul 2014

It is generally recognized that root canals can be predictably prepared when shaping files have a reproducible and sufficiently-sized pathway to follow. The secret to shaping success is glide path management (GPM)...

Ruddle Editorial
“Endo Canal Prep: Rotation vs. Reciprocation”
Jan 2012

By far, the vast majority of commercially available files utilized to shapre root canals are manufactured from NiTi and are mechanically driven in continuous ratation...

Ruddle Editorial
“The Inventor’s Journey”
Jul 2011

Dr. Ruddle describes the invention process from the idea to developing a market-version product...

Ruddle Article
“Shaping for Success”
Apr 2006

There are enormous differences in opinion regarding the best methods for shaping root canals and cleaning the root canal system. A review of the literature reveals virtually no agreement on a variety of fundamental clinical issues...

Ruddle Article
“The ProTaper Technique”
Mar 2005

The ProTaper NiTi files represent a new generation of instruments for shaping root canals. This article will briefly review the ProTaper geomearies, then describe the ProTaper technique and finishing criteria that may be utilized to fulfill the mechanical and biological objectives for shaping canals...

Ruddle Article
“The ProTaper Advantage”
Oct 2001

The purpose of the “RUDDLE ON ROTARY ” series of articles is to provide useful information that will enable dentists to predictably shape root canals for three-dimensional obturation. The information in these articles is intended to help clinicians better understand how to...

Ruddle Supply List
Ruddle Supply List “Shape•Clean•Pack”
Oct 2017

Ruddle on Shape•Clean•Pack

West Listing
re: ProTaper Testimonials
Jul 2020

ProTaper’s 20+ Year Journey as Told by the Creators, the 3 Amigos...

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s03 e01

Treatment Rationale & Letters of Recommendation

Review of Why Pulps Break Down & Getting a Helpful LOR


s03 e02

Profiles in Dentistry & Gutta Percha Removal

A Closer Look at Dr. Rik van Mill & How to Remove Gutta Percha


s03 e03

Artificial Intelligence & Endo Questions

AI in Dentistry and Some Trending Questions


s03 e04

How to Stay Safe & Where to Live

A New Microscope Shield & Choosing a Dental School/Practice Location


s03 e05

3D Disinfection

Laser Disinfection and Ruddle Q&A


s03 e06

Andreasen Tribute & Krakow Study

Endodontic Trauma Case Studies & the Cost of Rescheduling


s03 e07

Ruddle Projects & Diagnostic Imaging

What Ruddle Is Working On & Interpreting Radiographs


s03 e08

Obturation & Recently Published Article

Carrier-Based Obturation & John West Article


s03 e09

Retreatment Fees & the FRS

How to Assess the Retreatment Fee & the File Removal System


s03 e10

Research Methodology and Q&A

Important Research Considerations and ProTaper Q&A


The Ruddle Show

Commercial Opener S03


The Ruddle Show

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s02 e01


Product History, Description & Technique


s02 e02

Interview with Dr. Terry Pannkuk

Dr. Pannkuk Discusses Trends in Endodontic Education


s02 e03

3D Disinfection

GentleWave Update and Intracanal Reagents


s02 e04

GPM & Local Dental Reps

Glide Path Management & Best Utilizing Dental Reps


s02 e05

3D Disinfection & Fresh Perspective on MIE

Ultrasonic vs. Sonic Disinfection Methods and MIE Insight


s02 e06

The ProTaper Story - Part 1

ProTaper’s 20+ Year Journey as Told by the Creators, the 3 Amigos


s02 e07

The ProTaper Story - Part 2

ProTaper’s 20+ Year Journey as Told by the Creators, the 3 Amigos


s02 e08

Interview with Dr. Cherilyn Sheets

Getting to Know this Top Clinician, Educator & Researcher


s02 e09

Broken Instrument Removal

Why Files Break & the Ultrasonic Removal Option


s02 e10

3D Obturation & Technique Tips

Warm Vertical Condensation Technique & Some Helpful Pointers

Special Reports


special e02


The Way Forward


special e01


How the International Dental Community Is Handling the Pandemic

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s01 e01

An Interview with Cliff Ruddle

The Journey to Becoming “Cliff”


s01 e02

Microcracks & the Inventor's Journey

Ruddle Insights into Two Key Topics


s01 e03

Around the World Perspective

GentleWave Controversy & China Lecture Tour


s01 e04

Endodontic Access

What is the Appropriate Access Size?


s01 e05

Locating Canals & Ledge Insight

Tips for Finding Canals & the Difference Between a Ledge and an Apical Seat


s01 e06

Censorship in Dentistry

Censorship in Dentistry and Overcooked Files


s01 e07

Endodontic Diagnosis & The Implant Option

Vital Pulp Testing & Choosing Between an Implant or Root Canal


s01 e08

Emergency Scenario & Single Cone Obturation

Assessing an Emergency & Single Cone Obturation with BC Sealer


s01 e09

Quackwatch & Pot of Gold

Managing the Misguided Patient & Understanding the Business of Endo


s01 e10

Stress Management

Interview with Motivational Speaker & Life Coach, Jesse Brisendine

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Behind-the-Scenes Studio Construction



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The Ruddle Show

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The Ruddle Show

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The Ruddle Show

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