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We are thrilled to announce the launch of RUDDLE+, the premium access portion of our website. This enhanced offering is designed to provide you with exclusive Ruddle content covering a wide array of endodontic topics, not to mention various side segments as well. Now, it is easier than ever to expand your dental continuing education training through a variety of organized, handpicked and assembled offerings.
ENJOY a discounted subscription of $250/year

Premium Access Includes:

1 Ongoing Podcasts

Candid and unedited discussions between Cliff and Lisette featuring an extended format for in depth conversation and debate.

2 Purposeful Portals & Lecture Continuums

Organized content by subject matter for topic specific learning, along with the gradual release of exclusive Ruddle presentations on Shape•Clean•Pack, Nonsurgical Retreatment & Surgical Retreatment.

3 The Ruddle Show Unlimited Access

Watch any clip, any episode, and any full season, ANYTIME! This includes ongoing access to over 100+ clips/shows and counting.

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$24.95 per month

Limited Special $250.00/year

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Simple sign-up or sign-in required (email/password) plus immediate payment processing

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Begin accessing Podcasts, Portals, Lecture Continuums & more, without any interruption or limitations!

Future RUDDLE Offerings

The below offerings are not fully available; they represent future additions and may include premium pricing

Unlocked Lecture Continuums

Lecture Continuum segments will be released in a regular monthly cadence; these are automatically unlocked for subscribers.

Additional Q&A Connection

Participate in regularly scheduled Q&A sessions where you can ask your question and receive an immediate Ruddle response.

ONE-ON-ONE Ruddle Time

An extended option of RUDDLE+ will ultimately include personal connections... That's right, "Conversations with Cliff" is Coming Soon!

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